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Verizon Wireless

I'm using Verizon FIOS for my internet / TV .  I need to extend the wireless range to another romm or so.  Any ideas on what I should buy with the least amout of configuring.

My current router is from Verizon and has an ISSID and Web Key.
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Just get a Linksys Wireless Access Point and run it as an extender.

Or even a Linksys Range Extender...

they are very simple to configure and the Fios Router is a linksys with a different shell.
FIOS router is NOT a linksys with a different shell. Fios routers are made by a company Actiontec.

Second, do you have a cat 5/5e/6 line to where you want to put the AP? That would be preferable, as there is a huge degradation in signal with a range extender (re-broadcast the wifi signal it gets) (garbage in garbage out). You can use a variety of router/access point combos (remember to turn off the router) or just an access point to set up a new wifi signal elsewhere in the house. I would recommend just getting a simple access point. You just set that SSID to the same as the other one, with the same password, and you're all set.

If you don't have cat 5 to where you want to put the access point, consider getting another actiontec (its a router so you'll have to disable the routing) and use the MoCA (coax) rather than cat 5, or powerline (internet over power) for internet access where you're going to put the AP.
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I cannot not run any cables.  So I'll need a wireless to wireless AP or a powerline AP?

What do you suggest?
If it was my house, I would use powerline without coax or network cable. The technology has improved so much in the past few years you can get really good speeds over it. IMO the wifi repeater is BS. You're trying to get better signal in an area that gets bad signal, so you put a repeater to pick up weak signal and rebroadcast it? Like I said, garbage in garbage out.

Any simple wireless access point should do the job from there, or any router with an ap, just turn off the routing and give it a unique IP address, but the same SSID/pw. To get a bit more advanced, set the two APs on non-overlapping channels.
Can you reccomend a model?  I have never used powerline.
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