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SSG5 NetScreen Configuration

I have a Juniper SSG5 with ScreenOS 6.2.  I'm new to Juniper and ScreenOS and was wondering how is the configuration saved to the device so that when it is powered back online it uses my changes?  

I would like it to save my configuration so I don't have to set again after a power failure.

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First, have you noticed that you DO lose your configuration after a power failure?
If so, you may have an issue very abnormal in the SSG5.

Second, your changes are, as 'sangame' said, automatically saved on the system, when using the GUI.  If you use the CLI, you will need to issue the command 'save' after any commands you want saved into the current config.

Third, you can always back up your configuration, just in case, via the GUI.

I always recommend saving your running config to a file... just in case.

Hope that helps.