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Adobe Acrobat: Read Only PDF

Is it possible to make a PDF file available for viewing online as READ ONLY?

* The viewer cannot Save or Download the PDF file.
* Cannot Copy/Paste any text from the PDF file.
* Cannot Print PDF file.

Please let me know how to do this. Thank you.
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You can make precautions from simple people downloading it but tech Saavy will always figure out how to undo the constraints

Here is one way: save it as an encryption:

What program can i use to disallow to copy pdf content?
You can use A-PDF Password SecurityA-PDF Password Security (free download here) to disallow to copy pdf content with only 3 steps:
1.Select the option "Single PDF Document Security" and push the button "Next >" 
2.Click "Browse…" button to open a PDF file will be encrypted
3.Uncheck "Enable Copying of content", and click "Save" or "Save as ..." button to disallow copying permissions to PDF file

the best answer is still this:

You can't. In order to view the document, it is essentially downloaded to the PC viewing it. Depending on the viewer that is being used, the viewer application may not even honor this setting if it even exists.
If you all print on the document it could be printed to PDF on the client and strip all security settings from the file.
In short, if it can be viewed, there is no way to protect the content.

Read more:"
I think the alternative would to make a viewer in IFRAME
this way the viewer will not be able to print the page either..etc

unless they can read html and extract the link..etc
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Can you talk a bit more about the IFRAME idea. I just used this code in one of my pages:

<iframe id="IFrame1" frameborder="0" scrolling="auto" src="test2.pdf"></IFRAME></div>

The PDF did show up inside the IFRAME, but it still shows the PDF toolbar and has the Save icon. I was easily able to Save that DPF from my desktop. Using IE8 by the way.
Iframe is a container inside the webpage that contains a different webpage
Iframe src=page2.html

then on page2.html add a viewer to display the pdf. Also  get javascript code to disable rightclick. Once again, this will only stop dumb people
Sorry I haven't worked with viewers in html before. Can you point me in the right direction for viewers for PDF?
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