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Server 2008 export settings from local computer policy

I am using an audit check list to make changes to a 2008 server (not on a domain) using Local Computer Policy via Security Configuration and Analysis Snap-in.

I have the registry locations for these same changes, but they are easier to make using the snap-in.  These are not security policy settings but local computer policy\computer configuration\Administrative Templates\...

I am configuring a test machine but want to apply these setting to future machines.

Is there a way to export the corresponding registry settings so I can apply those later?

Or is there a better way to accomplish this.?

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If you know which registry settings they are then the easiest solution would be to export those specific registry keys and just importing them into the new machines. Just right click on the key and choose "Export" give it an appropriate name and save.

You may then edit the regkey file and remove any settings that isn't relevant and only have the ones you wish to apply.

So you would then be able to simply copy it onto the new machine and simply double clicking it.

This is probably the best way to go other than creating a domain and apply those setting via the Domain Group Policies.

If you need more information on how to export from regedit, modify the regkey file and importing it just let me know.

- Abe
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Thanks for the quick response. I know how to expor the .reg files and edit them.

I am dealing with a hundred or so settings.  I read that local policy reg settings are stored in the registry.pol file.

Can I take the registry.pol file and apply to a new machine to apply these settings?  If so, what command utility might be used?

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Hey Abe,

This will work!  I have the security settings and MSS settings in .INFs and already use secedit to apply them.  The links you provided will allow me to use the registry.pol file on other machines.

I also found this to allow viewing of the registry.pol file and export as CSV, which is helpful for me for confirming changes.