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Windows 2003 RAID 5 Recovery

Hello experts,

I have a down server that was running Windows 2003 in a RAID 5 with 3 SCSI drives and two partitions, C and D. The OS will not boot, I have a need to recover data off the d drive. I have tried to repair booting to the Windows disk, and also tried to reinstall OS on C drive but it wont get past examining the drive before the repiar or the install. Does anyone have any suggestions on trying to get the OS to boot, or recover data without sending to data recovery shop. Thanks so much
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Do you have a bad raid drive?  Is that why it did not boot?  

Or are the drives fine and the OS crashed? Is this latter reason it will not boot?

It would seem that there has been some damage somewhere and if you cannot repair install or reinstall, then a recovery service is probably your next choice.

Please let us know the state of the three drives.  ... Thinkpads_User
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As far as I can tell, the RAID controller is fine. the three drives are all online. It starts to boot but cycles over. Its possible the RAID array is broken but nothing is telling me that. I am afraid to lose the D drive. I can reinstall the C drive but when I do it just sits there and grinds on examining the drive. I was thinking about booting to the Dell Server manager CD and see if I can blow out the C and keep D.

I have used Gillware before on SATA drive recovery. Not sure what to expect on a data recovery for RAID. Do you know how much that would cost.

Thanks for any suggestions and comments.
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What type of server is this?
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The Paragon Rescue CD worked great. Just what I was looking for. Thanks for everyone for taking a look.