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MS Power Point 2010 can't edit footer

When using Microsoft Power Point 2010 I tend to have an issue when attempting to edit a footer on power point presentation that is based on a template.  The footer in the template is a background image, however even after going into the slide master and making the image hidden the footer won't appear???

Unfortatenly the template is mandatory on majority of the given presentations.  

Is there any way I hide the background image and show the footer?
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I don't quite understand what you're describing: "The footer ... is a background image"?

Can you post a sample slide or two so we can look at the underlying template?

Also, the basic premise is that you need two things for a footer: 1) a footer placeholder and 2) to populate that placeholder using the Insert | Header and Footer dialog box. To get the placeholders, go into slide master view and click the Footers box on the Ribbon. You may need to do this on every slide layout. (You may also need to add them back to the slide master itself by clicking the Master Layout button on the Slide Master tab of the Ribbon.)

In fact, I recommend going to every layout in master view and turning the footers off, then back on again. Then go to Normal editing View and Insert | Header and Footer to populate the footer placeholders.

Oh, and one last thing -- you may need to hit the Reset button on the Home tab to reapply the layout, which will also reapply the footers.
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