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Drive mapping in citrix using Group policy preferences

I am using GPP to map network drives, I need these mapped drives in citrix but not their local workstations.  How do I make it to where they can have mapped drives on Citrix but not on their local workstations?

I am targetting Security group and IP address to map drives.

I am trying to create a GPP for Delete same drive with targetting not any terminal session but no luck.
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You can do it by creating a GPO in the citrix server OU, and turn on loopback processing (merge or replace) from the sound of it,
I think you will need the "replace" option.

This will apply the user mappings when they logon to the Citrix server, but not on other workstations.
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which version of citrix you are using?
Make sure you have enabled this options
Auto connect client drives - disbaled, Client drive redirection - prohibited, Client fixed drives - prohibited
If you are using then create  policies in Citrix Delivery Services Console and give a try.
Agree with, gkhairallah, GPO based on Citrix Servers utilizing loopback processing, def the way to go!
Sekarc4u is including a lot of things that may or may not be relevant to your environment, and may not be desirable.  gkhairallah is correct - set the preference in the user section of a policy for your Citrix servers, and use loopback processing (replace or merge depending on what else you need to have processed).

As with all policies, it's best to do everything you can within Citrix policies rather than mix and match Citrix policies and AD GPOs.  Troubleshooting is a lot easier too.

Assuming that you're on XA6.x, you should set up Session Printers policy/ies for the mapped network printers.  If you also need any local printers, define those as non-network autocreated printers.  If you set all autocreated printers in the policy, users will see two printer entries for those network printers that are already defined on the local workstation.

This is a user policy, and you would probably choose the user/group and/or IP address filter.  Using the IP address filter is what Citrix used to call Proximity Printing, i.e., choosing the printer(s) that were nearest to the user based on IP range.  However, the downside of this is that when users connect via wireless and move around, the IP address isn't as consistent as a physical network connection.
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Thanks for your posts guys, I'm using 4.5 on 2003 (i know bit outdated)

I have about 10 different sites with their subnets and I need to allow these drives on local machines at two sites but not other sites... this is why it can be little tedious to enable/disable those ip ranges.... maybe that something i will have to do to current preferences target particular subnets...

Oh Well lets enjoy weekend and come back next week... I will have a look at it next week and update you guys accordingly...

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