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Bacula job marked to be canceled is not canceled


I have a problem. I can not stop bacula job. I have marked it as to be canceled, but its not canceled. It says in status dir that its marked as canceled but its not deleted so I can not start another job. This happened after I tried to restore, but the disk was the one that's in at the moment. It didn't need to be changed. Can anyone help me with this? How can I force it to be deleted? Will bacula restart help me?

Automatically selected Job: JobId=1642 Job=RestoreFiles.2012-07-11_15.34.14_47
Confirm cancel (yes/no): yes
2001 Job RestoreFiles.2012-07-11_15.34.14_47 marked to be canceled.
3000 Job RestoreFiles.2012-07-11_15.34.14_47 marked to be canceled.
*status dir
*******.******.local-dir Version: 5.0.1 (24 February 2010) i486-pc-linux-gnu ubuntu 10.04
Daemon started 01-Jun-12 16:54, 86 Jobs run since started.
 Heap: heap=528,384 smbytes=555,455 max_bytes=48,522,818 bufs=434 max_bufs=575

Scheduled Jobs:
Level          Type     Pri  Scheduled          Name               Volume
Incremental    Backup    10  13-Jul-12 00:01    disk2              *unknown*
Full           Backup    11  13-Jul-12 00:01    BackupCatalog2     *unknown*

Running Jobs:
Console connected at 09-Jul-12 14:45
Console connected at 11-Jul-12 15:13
Console connected at 12-Jul-12 09:16
 JobId Level   Name                       Status
  1642         RestoreFiles.2012-07-11_15.34.14_47 has been canceled

Terminated Jobs:
 JobId  Level    Files      Bytes   Status   Finished        Name
  1631  Full          0         0   Cancel   09-Jul-12 16:24 BackupCatalog2
  1635                0         0   Cancel   09-Jul-12 17:13 RestoreFiles
  1636  Incr        573    6.030 G  OK       10-Jul-12 00:18 disk2
  1637  Full          1    109.4 M  OK       10-Jul-12 00:18 BackupCatalog2
  1638                0         0   Cancel   10-Jul-12 11:25 RestoreFiles
  1639  Incr      3,614    8.833 G  OK       11-Jul-12 00:30 disk2
  1640  Full          0         0   Cancel   11-Jul-12 09:38 BackupCatalog2
  1641              364    442.0 M  OK       11-Jul-12 14:35 RestoreFiles
  1643  Incr          0         0   Cancel   12-Jul-12 09:18 disk2
  1644  Full          0         0   Cancel   12-Jul-12 09:19 BackupCatalog2


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