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How to massively change SOA records on windows DNS server.

Hello everyone,
I need to change all the SOA records (zone records too) on a windows 2003 DNS server. I need the same values for each record.

dnscmd is my usual choice for such operations and the ..AllZones switch has proven more than useful. However, in this case it does not apply.

ssssooooo how would I go about doing that?
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Leon Fester
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You only need to set the SOA on the zone, and that will propogate to the records.
Right-click the zone and click properties, click SOA tab and update the details.
Information will be replicated to all other DNS servers in due time.

Or update the .dns zone files directly:

Check instructions for:
dnscmd ServerName /RecordAdd ZoneName NodeName [/Aging] [Ttl] SOAPrimSvrAdmin Serial#\ Refresh Retry Expire MinTTL
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Thank you for your answer,
the problem is that, while following the above syntax and using ..AllZones I get an error! I use @ as a node name.

I, therefore, need either to change all records or all zone records (thus changing individual ones too).

I hope I described the problem a bit better now.
The command I posted dosn't have AllZones as an optional parameter so it won't work.
You only need to update the Zone, as that is what this record relates to.
You shouldn't need to do each record.

SOA record contains:
The host name for the primary name server for the zone.

An e-mail address of the person who is responsible for the domain.

The serial number for the zone.

The refresh interval. This is how often, in seconds, the secondary name servers check with the primary name server to see if any changes have been made to the domain's zone file.

The time, in seconds, a secondary server waits before retrying a failed zone transfer. This time is typically less than the refresh interval.

The time, in seconds, before a secondary server stops responding to queries, or "expires" a zone, after a lapsed refresh interval where the zone was not refreshed or updated.

The minimum time-to-live (TTL). This value is supplied in query responses by servers for the zone to inform others how long they should cache a resource record provided in an answer.
Well, I'm a bit lost as to what you are referring at as "the Zone". I have about 200 of them on this server.

My whole point is I need to not change each zone, one by one, cause it will take forever. Which is why I was searching for something equivalent to the  AllZones command :)
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Looks like this could work, thanks!