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Returning filesystem files through SQL Server BLOBs?

Hello boys and girls. First of all, it's important that any suggested solution should work at the very least on SQL Server 2005.

What I need to do seems very simple, but I somehow don't think it is.

What I need is a NATIVE SQL SERVER SOLUTION to this problem. I CAN, however, use things like xp_cmdshell - that is fine

The problem is that I need SQL Server to basically do something like

  INTO SomeTable
... well, there's my problem. How do I do this? I know that the data is stored in a document somewhere on the server, in location P:\SomePath\SomeDocument.ext

So what I need SQL Server to do is retrieve that data from WITHIN an SP, BLOBify it, and store it into SomeTable

any ideas? Any examples I can find online seem to focus on doing the writing to the BLOB bit from within a calling program. That's not going to cut the mustard ...
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