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Windows SBS Server 2003 migration prep

We'd like to take the following steps before we buy a new 2008 R2 server. The point is to verify to the best possible degree whether we will have a smooth AD migration.

Is this advisable? Or should we have the 2008 box on the network first?


Step 3 - Prepare Active Directory for Windows 2008 R2 Server

The first step of this process is to raise the Functional Levels of the SBS 2003 server.  This involves raising the domain and forest functional level of Active Directory and the Operational mode of Exchange Server.

To raise the Domain Functional Level do the following:

    * Click Start > Administrative Tools > Active Directory Users and Computers

    * Right click on the domain name and select Raise Domain Functional Level

    * In the drop down box select Windows Server 2003 and click OK (if this has already been done don’t worry)

To raise the Forest Functional Level do the following:

    * Click Start > Administrative Tools > Active Directory Domains and Trusts

    * Right click where it says Active Directory Domains and Trusts and select Raise Forest Functional Level.

And we also need to raise the Exchange Operational Mode.  To do this, you need to do the following:

    * Click Start > All Programs > Microsoft Exchange > System Manager

    * Right click on the Organisation name right at the top of the list and select properties

    * In the dialogue box check the Operational Mode, if it says Mixed Mode click the Change Mode button and say yes to the dialogue box asking if you want to change to native mode

Before we can add the Windows 2008 Server as a domain controller to the SBS 2003 domain, we need to prepare Active Directory.
To do this use the following procedure whilst working on the Small Business Server

    * Insert the Windows 2008 DVD in to the Small Business Server.  Ignore the autorun message that appears telling you this version is incompatible by clicking OK

    * Open a command prompt (Start > Run > CMD) and run the commands below

NOTE: X: refers to the drive letter that has been assigned to your DVD Drive.

    * X:\support\adprep\adprep32  /forestprep

After the above command you will be prompted to confirm you wish to proceed by typing the letter C and pressing Enter

    * X:\support\adprep\adprep32  /domainprep

    * X:\support\adprep\adprep32  /domainprep /gpprep

    * X:\support\adprep\adprep32  /rodcprep
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Neil Russell
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Non of the above steps need any 2008 servers on the domain. The whole point of those steps is to enable you to add a 2008 server as a DC. You can not DCPROMO it until those steps are carried out.
So your only requirment will be to have the dvd for 2008 server to run the tools from.

Note that the X:\support\adprep\adprep32  /rodcprep step is ONLY needed IF you intend to have and READ ONLY Domain Controllers on the network.

Is this a migration to pure 2008 servers or to another SBS?
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Migration is to pure 2008. Client never used exchange and should never have had SBS to begin with.

Is there any way to down load necessary tools? May not have access to 2008 DVD.
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Neil Russell
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