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Getting Rid of the default "Fax" in Devices and Printers

We are deploying a new fax server through the organization.  The software client adds a printer called "Multi-Tech FaxFinder"

It has created some confusion amongst our Windows 7 crowd as there is already a microsoft included "Fax" listed in printers.  I can easily go to the machine, right click on "Fax" and remove it, however I dont want to do that across 1000 machines one by one, and instructions are often hard for the user to follow, so with that in mind, can you suggest a tool, script, gpo, or any other method to administratively blow away the "Fax" entry and leave all other printers and the Multi-Tech FaxFinder in place?  While we are at it, perhaps we can also ditch the Microsoft XPS Document Writer too?

I have a 2008 R2 Domain, and we are running SCCM 2007, we also use Kixtart for our login scripting if any of those tools can help you make appropriate suggestions.


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Brilliant.  So easy!

Thanks, I created a Local Printer, marked it as Delete and Named it Fax.  Worked for the XPS Document Writer Too.