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Insert Msg box in MS Access VBA Code

Hi Experts

I need a message box to appear when the following vba code is run to say the following and close down once the macro is complete

"This May Take Several minutes to run...........Please Wait!!!"

Private Sub Export_Quarterly_Reports_Click()

DoCmd.Echo False, "Exporting, Please Wait.........."

Dim RootMIdir As String
Dim FilePath As String
Dim xlPath As String
Dim rs As DAO.Recordset, sql As String
Dim xlobj As Object, wb As Object, ws As Object

xlPath = "\Report Templates\"
RootMIdir = "\Output Files"

Set xlobj = CreateObject("excel.application")
     Set wb = xlobj.Workbooks.Open(xlPath & "BB_Template.xls")
     Set ws = wb.Worksheets("AA_DATA")
          sql = "SELECT *"
          sql = sql & " FROM _DATA"
          Set rs = CurrentDb.OpenRecordset(sql)
          ws.Range("a2").CopyFromRecordset rs
         wb.SaveAs Filename:=RootMIdir & "\REPORT" & Format(Now(), " dd-mmm-yy") & ".xls"

Set ws = Nothing
Set wb = Nothing

Set xlobj = Nothing
Set rs = Nothing
DoCmd.Echo True

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