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Unable to open Query Window

I have a new installation of MS SQL SERVER 2008.  It is to be an upgrade to my SQL 2000 database.  Trying to import the system databases, I issued NET START MSSQLSERVER /m command to get into single user mode but was unable to import system dbs.  I then restarted SQL to be in multi user mode.

But I cannot open a query window.  I get the message that the server is in single user mode.  I’ve logged into the server using the same default start up account that SQL Services use, but still unable to connect to a query window.  I’ve tried my account (system administrator), the SA account and my sql services account.  Nothing worked.

I’ve stopped and restarted SQL Server several times (without the /m switch).  I’ve turned off SQL Agent and all other related SQL services.  When I restart, either from the command prompt or from the Services Management Console, I get the same error.
I cannot get the database out of single user mode.  Other posts give instructive commands to issue, but I cannot open a query window to issue them.  Any ideas?
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I guess you might have tried from DAC as well, but at times i have seen the toggle to switch to multiuser mode gets stuck as there are other services like sql agent running. try killing other services and just have sql server and agent up. That might help.
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Yes, dkrollCTN, I had gone through that article.  That why I tried turning off SQL Agent, SSIS, SSAS, etc.  Still nothing.

avbsql, I tried DAC, but get the same connection error.
You tried closing SSMS, set your sql startup to have -m "sqlcmd"
and then try it without the DAC: sqlcmd -S servername -T
No luck.

Also, when I try to open activity monitor, I get the same single user mode error.  I can do nothing.
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The comments received, while helpful, did not work.  Most I had already found prior to stating my question.  Had to cut my losses and start again.