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Backup Exec 11d Inventory Fails on Empty Slot in Dell 124T Library

I am trying to setup our Dell 124T robotic tape library on a replacement W2003 server with a clean install of backup exec 11d(SP5).

Backup Exec sees the drive and slots.  It can catalog the tapes.  It can inventory slots that are populated with tapes.

The problems comes up when I run an inventory job on the whole library.  Once it hits the first empty slot the job errors out and takes the drive and library offline.

Here is the error:

Robotic library hardware error:
The robotic library has reported a general hardware error condition. Manual intervention, calibration, etc., may be required. This may be a device related hardware problem, or it may be some other hardware problem (i.e. SCSI card/bus etc.). The library and drive states have been set to offline. Please attend to this condition.

I have tried to install both Symantec and Dell drivers.  Windows is seeing the devices as:
Dell (tm) PowerVault (tm) 124T Autoloader
Quantum LTO 2 Tape Drive

It is attached to the server with a LSI MegaRAID 320-1 SCSI Controller

Any help is appreciated.
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have you tried changing the tape in the first slot? - bad tape

can u do a job on tape 1, then try tape 2? - library work fine if this works

have you tried recreating the tape partition?
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It just finished 11 catalog jobs on slots 1 to 11.  It only fails when it encounters an empty slot when running an inventory job.
well this prob means that you have a partition that has all the tapes (all tapes act as one big tape) and when one tape is missing it would fail.  remove all partitions and recreate
Not sure how to do that.  I will give it a shot....
Highlighted the library.  Tools - Devices - Configure Partitions. No Partitions were shown.  Hit OK and it says existing partition will be deleted.  I hit OK to continue.
yea it should work
Ran a full inventory of the library.  I have 13 tapes loaded.  When it got to empty slot at 14, it failed.  The job log actually says:

Error                  : e0008214 - Library error - source location is empty.

I think you are right about the partition.  I must be doing something wrong in the way I am configuring it.
Do I need to actually do a import of the tapes?
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Still having issues with the library.  My last full backup did finish with no errors, but it took 110 hours to run.  It's only 3.5 TB.  I think it is something to do with the SCSI ard settings or drivers.  Any ideas?