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Hi Guys,

I am faced with giving my Boss the reason why we need to upgrade from DB Visualizer to a license version. He wants me to give the reasons why DB Visualizer Free edition has limited functions.

Please i need ideas as per the disadvantages and limitations of the free version of DB Visualizer. What are the things that the license version can do that the free version cannot do? Any answers.....
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Well I'm using the personal edition with basic support for years.

Short version: you cannot write to the database in the free edition.

A DBA should be able to do so. Apart from that see the feature list posted above.

If you only need to run some SQL select * from tablename where condition a or condition b  the free edition is of cause great.
you can get a 21 days trial key here, to compare the editions:

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@Tolomir: FYI there is an Edit feature on your last post in a Question for a reason.
Oh that is new to me. Will use then next time.

even the mobile edition is working again.
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If your primary database that you manage is Oracle, you may want to check out (Oracle SQL Developer) which I believe is free to use for unlimited use. The license agreement for it can be found here.
The advantage to use  dbvis on db2 or oracle is you can use the same interface with the same commands on different databases, in contrast to native db administration tools.