Getting run time error 3021 either BOF or EOF is true, or current record has been deleted, Requested opration...

Getting run time error 3021
either BOF or EOF is true, or current record has been deleted, Requested opration....

    If RsRecList.RecordCount > 0 Then   '5 records

        ''i want to filter above above 5 records and getting desired data 
            With RsRecList
                Do While RsRecList.EOF
                    If RsCmHama.State = 1 Then RsCmHama.Close
                    RsCmHama.Open "Select * from CmMaster where Cust = '" & Text1(11).Text & "' and From_City = '" & DataGrid2.Columns(7).Text & "' and To_City = '" & DataGrid2.Columns(8).Text & "'", con, adOpenKeyset, adLockOptimistic
                    If RsCmHama.RecordCount > 0 Then
                        If RsCmHama.Fields(4) = "CASH" Then
                            CmHamaWeight = Val(CmHamaWeight) + Val(DataGrid2.Columns(11).Text) * RsCmHama.Fields(5)
                        ElseIf RsCmHama.Fields(4) = "CREDIT" Then
                            CmHamaArt = Val(CmHamaArt) + Val(DataGrid2.Columns(3).Text) * RsCmHama.Fields(5)
                        End If
                    End If
            End With
    End If

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    Do While RsRecList.EOF
    Do Until m_oRsTemp.EOF
And add this below the line "RsCmHama.Open ..." :
    If Not RsCmHama Is Nothing Then
        If RsCmHama.State = adStateOpen Then
crystal_TechAuthor Commented:
Thanks for reply

Its not going for another record..
form this line
                Do Until RsRecList.EOF
its not going for next record..
below the line:
    If RsRecList.RecordCount > 0 Then   '5 records
If RsRecList is the underlying recordset of DataGrid2 then use it's fields instead of DataGrid2.Columns(n).Text

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crystal_TechAuthor Commented:
its working. :-)
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