W7 Pro 64-Bit cannot update KB2463332 error Code 2B33

I can no longer do windows updates on my home PC Windows Pro 64-bit as it seems to be hung up trying to install Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Service Pack 4.
I have tried the MS fixit for Windows updates and I manually downloaded this patch and installed same error.  Not even sure which program uses this, but suspect it is MSE.
Any help would be appreciated.

Please see attached pdf for pics of my errors etc.
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pjam--I am not completely sure I understand the problem, but it seems installation of the SP4 for SQL Server 2005 is stuck.
The simplest fix might be to telephone Microsoft at 1-800-PCSAFETY.  Emphasize that you are calling for a safety issue and the call and support should be free.
http://support.microsoft.com/kb/970892  (This was written for SP3, but the sections "introduction" and "More Information" should also apply to SP4.)
If you want to try to fix yourself

Have you looked at the Troubleshooting section of

Be aware that many others have the same problem, with no solution.
http://blogs.msdn.com/b/sqlreleaseservices/archive/2011/01/25/sql-server-2005-service-pack-4-is-now-available-on-microsoft-update-mu-amp-windows-update-wu.aspx  This suggests phoning MS is the best approach.
pjamAuthor Commented:
that would be a
If you want to try to fix yourself
http://support.microsoft.com/kb/953739 "No, worth a shot though"

Have you looked at the Troubleshooting section of
http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2463332 "Yes, I downloaded and tried installing manually"

Perhaps I will give them a call, I saw that suggestion when i was Googling to call 1-800-PCSAFETY.

i will get back to you
pjam--Did you try the FixIt http://go.microsoft.com/?linkid=9665683 in http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2463332  ?

I understand you do have SQL Server 2005 installed.
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pjamAuthor Commented:
yes, no go, Quote:  "MS fixit for Windows updates"
pjamAuthor Commented:
Well I changed all my SQL services from disabled to Automatic and retried the update.  Now I am getting the following 42B error:
code 42BWindows offered these prospects:
Get help
Here are the Details:
so next I downloaded the biggest download for SP 4 rather than the smallest and I get errors like this for ASP & IIS:
and finally this after the install starts:
SQL failed
SQL has never been a favorite of mine and apparently I am over my head.  If no one has an answer i will try the PC Security number.  And if that doesn't fix it I will hide this update until they come out with a better one.
pjam--Well,  I cannot say you have not tried.  However, you have only uncovered more and deeper problems.  I, too, am over my head.  Regrets.
You might still try 1-800-PCSAFETY.  
Then you might click the Request Attention button at the bottom right of your first post to request a call for more experts.
pjamAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your support and doing as much as you did.
Have a great day,
pjam--Thanks for the kind words.
Something else you might try is a Repair Install.  It should not affect your personal data or installed programs.  And it does not take very long--perhaps a hour and a half.

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pjamAuthor Commented:
I will.  Wife is out of town so may have time to give it a shot tommorrow night.
pjamAuthor Commented:
I can see where this might work.  However all my efforts have failed.  It keeps telling me I need to unistall Adobe Acrobat 5, IntelliPoint and IntelliType, Family Tree Maker, Windowblinds6, iTunes, ATI Catalyst Control Center.  I was able to uninstall Family Tree Maker, Windowblinds6, iTunes, ATI Catalyst Control Center after many hours.  However I have scanned the Registry with Regedit, Run JV16 Powertools, CCLeaner 3.21, regscanner-x64, cleanafterme, and windows installer cleanup, and including acrobat's cleaner (AdbeArCleaner).

Finally I gave it a try with those three (Adobe Acrobat 5, IntelliPoint and IntelliType) still thinking they were installed.  The Upgrade failed.
I will continue to try to remove those from my dekstop and try repair again.
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