isa 2006 - internet connection stopped working - query

hi i was using my isa 2006 as the firewall & providing internet access last week.  i then decided to replace the' isa' with a router for a week.  ive since removed the router put back the 'isa'and after a few troubleshooting procedures/reboots, the isa 2006 can do the following:

- isa 2006/external nic:  - received from my netgear super box that is directly connected to the internet successfully

- isa2006/internal nic:

- master dc/ad/dns/dhcp:

- isa2006 - can ping the below internal & external nic: - successful & (netgear super box/built-in lan) - successful

question 1.  for some unknown reason my isa cannot now receive internet access although i have no eventviewer issues on either master dc or isa 2006 ?

note: i have added: the proxy details as could not remember if they were being used at the time of using a router while doing other testing!!

note: i have also shutdown and restarted both server numerous times but still same issue

note: ive also logged on master dc & ran to clear 'scavenge records & cleared cache & updated server files & restarted dns, but this has not made a difference!!!!!!!!!

note: i have noticed one thing as i am going to add 2 isa2006 later, hence the internal properties in firewall policy for dns is as below even though subnet masks are set as: - uuuuuuuuuum

my firewall policy is in this order: (i have not completed exchange yet although added)

dns - - & -
default rule
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TomislavjSystem AdminCommented:
and what about isa logging data? what does it says when you try to get to internet?

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mikey250Author Commented:
hi tomislavj, ive just ran 'ms best practices analyzer tool' and it stated:

- 'multiple default-gateways are configured' - so i removed the 'default gateway' from my internal nic as i realise im not supposed to use it in this situation and now i have internet access.  oh my gosh - rrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh

ive attached the logs anyway, but im not sure what or how i would troubleshoot if i did not use the ms analyzer tool.

im not even sure if i should remove the 'default gateway' from my host pc and master dc, since it was removed from the isa, although i presume so as not required anyway as everything is via ad/dns or if this could effect my exchange server send/receiving email for example, which is my real issue!!!!!!!!!!! as i now have internet back.!!
TomislavjSystem AdminCommented:
well, on host and dc default gateway should be IP of internal nic on ISA so if you have internet access it is probably configured right
mikey250Author Commented:
i was told in the passed that when configuring isa 2006 separated via 'internal/external' nic, i would not add the internal default gateway and as the anaylzer tool describes that only multiple gateways was the issue this confirmed to me that the comments described sometime ago were correct.

i presume though unless my network topology was of a different nature then maybe i would require the internal gateway to be added.  my knowledge does not stretch that far as new to isa 2006.
mikey250Author Commented:
although i resolved it myself due to running msbpa detecting 'multiple nics' this resolved my issue as it provided the information to return my internet.

i will allocate points as im still not over familiar with logging as it does not give any explanation except what ip address the issue is but do realise this is one method to assist in my problem.

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