How to start RD client with a default server address?

screen shotI would like to have a default computer address/name automatically show up in the COMPUTER field each time the remote desktop client is started.  Is this possible for me to set it via registry/shortcut switch, etc?  See arrow on the pic.

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Default.rdp is a hidden file stored in the My Documents folder.  You can set up the default and send it out via a script or manually.

Click the Options button on the MSTSC window and you can Save As also.
Click on the down arrow next to Options, then click Save or Save As....
Svet PaperovIT ManagerCommented:
Run mstsc /? on the command prompt to show all available options. You can create a shortcut with the custom switches.
Stelian StanNetwork AdministratorCommented:
Click on Option fill all the fields and click on Save As ...

See the picture:
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