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FTP Program that lets you be selective about what to download


I have a website I work with that has crazy directory structures and resources are contained within their respective parts. It isn't something I can change, and it makes downloading just certain parts of the site a real pain.


all of the above folders also have multiple subfolders.

I was wondering if there is an ftp program that would let me go through and check off what I want to download from multiple folders/subfolders and then just download what I have checked... so I can avoid huge folders that I don't need.

I currently use WinSCP and Cyberduck (mostly for cloud files access) but neither of these programs seem to allow me to do what I want. I have about 1000 files I need to download that are scattered through that above structure, but if I download all of it which we would be the easiest, it will take 4+ days to finish downloading the 100+gb of data
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FileZilla should be able to handle it: http://filezilla-project.org

Powerful Site Manager and transfer queue


trying it now, it looks like will have to do a select all and then deselect what I don't need... but it should work.


Well, I guess it works well enough, still takes a couple of hours to get selected what I want and then download it. It has a nice feature that lets you select files by search criteria, which is awesome, but when I select everything found that was modified in the last week, and it finds them, and I select them all and choose download it says

"Downloading multiple unrelated directories is not yet supported"

Which sucks because I end up having to right click and download each file/directory separately, and there are lots of them, but at least it finds and lists the modified files.

Oddly I had tried a similar thing from the command line, basically using find -mtime which would list the files that were modified, but it wouldn't let me pipe them into a tar.gz file, whenever I tried that it would do the whole site, because the root folder showed up in the find...


Not exactly what I was looking for, but it works with some effort. Better than the way I was doing it.

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