Paste of datagridview into Excel causes data format changes.

Posted on 2012-08-10
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Last Modified: 2013-02-25
I copy/paste a table from a datagridview into Excel.  One column has ID numbers that Excel automatically turns into a date format.

Datagrid shows:
Excel makes it:

I have set the objectsheet to a text format but when the paste occurs, it automatically changes each cell to what it thinks the format should be.  

Here is my code.  I even tried changing the column to text format after the paste.  It turns the date into the five-digit date number.  

Any help will help make me not insane... Thanks!

Dim o As DataObject

            o = TblWIWPDataGridView.GetClipboardContent

            objSheet.Columns.NumberFormat = "@"


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Question by:Karen Wilson
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These problems are crazy.  If you have programmatic access to the datagridview, why not get the values separately and put them into a variant array yourself. I don't do VB .Net, but here's an example of getting data from a range, and putting it back as text - you can substitute your datagridview for my aVals:
Sub insDates()

    Dim aVals As Variant
    Dim aVals1 As Variant
    Dim rngOut As Range
    Dim r As Long, c As Long

    Set rngOut = Selection
    aVals = rngOut.Value
    Set rngOut = rngOut.Offset(0, rngOut.Columns.Count + 2)
    ReDim aVals1(1 To UBound(aVals, 1), 1 To UBound(aVals, 2))
    For r = 1 To UBound(aVals, 1)
        For c = 1 To UBound(aVals, 2)
            aVals1(r, c) = "'" & aVals(r, c)
        Next c
    Next r
    rngOut.Value = aVals1

End Sub

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You manually put in the single quote to force the text-ness of the output.  It's much more efficient to use an intermediate array and put it in in one go rather than adding it cell by cell.  The other approach would be to paste into a text file, then import the text file using the relevant text option, but that's a bit more messy.

Author Comment

by:Karen Wilson
ID: 38281785
I will try the variant array method and see what happens.  Thanks for the direction.

Author Comment

by:Karen Wilson
ID: 38926310
I finally got back to this problem and this is the code that fixed it for me.  The spreadsheet has an apostrophe before each WIWPS number, but I don't care!  You can still do sort etc. with it.  

If TblWIWPDataGridView.Rows.Count > 0 Then

            For Each row As DataGridViewRow In TblWIWPDataGridView.Rows
                Dim old As String = CStr(row.Cells(0).Value)
                Dim newNumb As String = CStr("'" & old)
                row.Cells(0).Value = CStr(newNumb)

            Dim objBooks As Excel.Workbooks
            Dim objSheets As Excel.Sheets
            Dim objSheet As Excel._Worksheet
            ' Create a new instance of Excel and start a new workbook.
            objApp = New Excel.Application()
            objBooks = objApp.Workbooks
            objBook = objBooks.Add
            objSheets = objBook.Worksheets
            objSheet = objSheets(1)

            'copy the grid and paste it to the clip board

            Dim o As DataObject
            o = TblWIWPDataGridView.GetClipboardContent


            Dim rg4 As Excel.Range = objSheet.Columns("A")

            Dim rg5 As Excel.Range = objSheet.Columns("A")
            With rg5

            End With

            Dim autoRange4 As Excel.Range = objSheet.UsedRange

            With autoRange4
                .Font.Name = "Arial"
                .Font.Size = 9
                .ColumnWidth = 255
            End With

            'Return control of Excel to the user.
            objApp.Visible = True
            objApp.UserControl = True
            MsgBox("You need to fill the grid.")
        End If

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