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ODBC -- Call Failed

Hello Experts,

I have a frontend in Access 2010 and Backend in SQL 2008 Express R2. Even though Access is 2010 the rest of Office is 2007.

Sometimes I get a series of ODBC errors, like Call Failed or Update Failed.

The computer where SQL is installed on is Windows 7 Pro and I have read that in Win 7 there are limited numbers of TCP/IP connections. Is this true, and can this be causing the ODBC errors?

If this is the case, I guess I have no choice than to upgrade the "server" to actual server, like Windows 2008, but before I do is there a way to look at how many  TCP/IP connections are actually open? Also what is the TCP/IP limitations of Win 7?

I assume that Win 2008 does not have such limits, correct?

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20 connection limit in Windows Client Operating Systems.
Server depends upon version. Web and Foundation editions have connection limits (50) while Standard, Enterprise, and Data center do not.
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Is there a way to check the number of connections at any given time?
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Grab a copy of the Sysinternals TCPView v3.05 from MS.

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