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ASPX User Control Busy Indicator

Howard Bash
Howard Bash asked
I built a usercontrol that I place on an aspx page and allow a user to click a button and accumulate a listbox of files.

After accumulating the files I want the control to perform a lengthy operation on all the accumulated files.

I added a spinner ani gif to an image tag on the control and "thought" I could set the img tag property visible to show or hide the spinner.

It almost works (I can show the spinner).  But I cannot bracket the long operation with a visible=true and end it with a visible=false for the img tag to achieve the desired result.

Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated.
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You can try the ASP.NET AJAX! ASP.NET AJAX has UpdatePanel and UpdateProgess, which best suits for your need!

For more information in ASP.NET AJAX UpdateProgress -


Hope it helps u...

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