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Group Policy : ADM/ADMX files & CSEs

Hello Experts,

I am trying to understand how Group Policy is applied. More specifically, what is inside of ADM files exactly and how do they interact with the CSEs?

I am very confused because I read at some point that in the ADM files you only have the code that triggers the right CSE, is this correct ? and that the triggers are identified with GUIDs ? or is the GUID only used to identify the GPO in sysvol an nowhere else?

Where are the CSEs stored in Windows XP/7 and how are they triggered?

I appreciate any tips!

Thank you !!
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Thank you for the links

The following video has the answers that I was looking for in detail and in one shot



I found the solution by digging and digging. Persistence is the key to finding something :) and being smart it... cheers!

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