Changing VLAN for port HP ProCurve Switch

I have an HP ProCurve Switch 4202v1-72 that I need to check the vlan configuration for a couple of port. I need to change a couple of ports to our printer vlan. But, I am more comfortable with Cisco switch configuration. Any help with commands would be great.
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fgasimzadeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
almost the same

sh vlan

sh vlan port <port number>

conf t

vlan <vlan id> untagged <port number>

untagged means access port

tagged means trunk port
When troubleshooting vlans on an active switch, a command I often use to see if vlan is actualy distributed as it is supposed to is like:
This command will show if this switch is connected to
-active devices in vlan 321 on THIS switch (at port number..)
-but more important if link-port to OTHER switch has learned mac-addresses and so the link is configured OK in both ends.
you might find it simpler to use the menu on the Procurve

top enter the the menu, just type "menu" in a console session, you should then bve able to navigate to configuration and VLAN configuration.
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