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'Previous version' blocking install of Dell OMSA on Poweredge 2650

I downloaded a CD from Dell: OM_5.2.0_ISM_A00.ISO and attempted install of OpenManage Server Administrator. It comes back with the error: 'previous version of Server Administrator installed on the system. You must uninstall ...'

There's nothing resembling that in Add Remove Programs. It's long since been uninstalled and rebooted. I even did CCcleaner, not that it found anything related in the registry. One of the articles I found in my 'Scavenger hunt' suggested removing components related to RAID and other drivers. Again nothing of the sort in Windows Components. Any ideas on what I can do to unwedge this?

Thanks, Ken
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PowerEdgeTechIT Consultant
Top Expert 2010

I don't know if it is on the OM CD, but you can use OMClean to "clean" remnants of previous versions, often used for prepping to install OMSA.

It was also not necessary to download ISM/SMTD to install OMSA ... the 'managed node' can be downloaded individually (also, 5.4 is the latest version for the 2650 running 2003 - SP2 will be required):


You will find OMClean in C:\OpenManage\support\OMClean\ after running/extracting the download.


Sorry, just got back from vacation. Your suggestions worked to get OMSA installed, but I still have no Storage component showing. Just 'Main System Chassis' and Software. Any suggestions on that? The system works well, so it has the RAID hardware drivers installed. properly. I added some bonus points ;-)

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Run through the install again (C:\Openmanage\windows\setup.exe), choose Custom, and make sure that Storage Management is installed.  This piece is disabled from the default installation when the drivers/firmware are out of date.  Some really old firmware versions are not supported at all.  What is your system firmware at?