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Citrix Receiver 3.0 and Client Selective Trust Settings

compdigit44 asked
We are testing a small deploy of Netscaler VPX to our test Published Desktop enviroment for external users. When user connect they are able to see all of there local and network drives which is correct.

There connection workstation' s hard drive is listed as Other under Computer. When they click on this drive the get a Citrix - Security Warning message. I made sure all of the CLient Trust settings on the Published Desktop server are set to full access but this does seem to help.

I'm now guess since this drive is on the user's connection workstation the "Select Trust" settings need to be controlled on their end since Citrix is try to access their local workstations hard drive correct.
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It's possible that an AD or local GPO is blocking access to the drive.  Run an RSoP to see whether some obscure AD policy is blocking access.


Should the RSoP be run on the published desktop or connecting client workstation?