Database Trigger help to track broken permission

How to do we track broken permissions to the masters database at PM daily?

Can somebody provide me with a trigger that will fire if the permission of a particular user is broken from the master database?

This user (…….\.........) is mapped to the master database and granted read/write permissions, but we noticed in the past three nights that this mapping is broken at a certain time every evening, and we want to be able to track what is causing it.
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Tony303Connect With a Mentor Commented:

You could see if a Profiler trace can tell you what is happening. Just automate the trace to start say 5 mins before the critical moment and say 5 mins after.

I do wonder why though a user needs specific rights to master db? especially write priveledges.

I have used Windows Schduler to get the job done in the past.
Here is a way to achieve it in SQL Agent.

This could be helpful on the profiler side
FavorableAuthor Commented:
Hey Fav,

Can you let us know what you find, would be interesting to know.

FavorableAuthor Commented:
Nothing.  After monitoring for three days, no security issue surfaced again.
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