SQL - remote query

I would like to remote query a database with a SQL statement.  I would like to insert result from the query to my local SQL server.
My task.
1. connect to remote SQL server
2. perform a remote query
3. insert result  insert into a table of a local database.

How do I do that
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tigin44Connect With a Mentor Commented:
you can reference a remote server via linked servers..

first of all you should define a linked server to the remote server. you should find detatiled information in here
or at books online.

once you define linked server you should reference a database on that remote server by using four part name convention i.ei,

lets asume our linked server name is LS_SOME_SERVER... so aquery like this will do what you want

INSERT INTO dbo.localTableName (col1, col2, ...., coln)
SELECT col1, col2, ...., coln
FROM [LS_SOME_SERVER].[remoteDatabaseName].[dbo].[remoteTableName]
tommym121Author Commented:
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