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How to recover mailbox from SBS 2008 standard using microsoft backup

carotomp asked
I have a microsoft backup of my SBS 2008 standard server.  I need to recover a mailbox from the exchange server.  I know that the backups are on a virtual drive and my question is how do I get a single mailbox out of this virtual back up drive.

I have the back up drive and want to recover on different hardware since I don't want to mess up the current production server.  

thanks in advance for the help.
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Manpreet SIngh KhatraSolutions Architect, Project Lead
Top Expert 2013

You can use RDB to restore the Database and export to PST.

- Rancy
Solutions Architect, Project Lead
Top Expert 2013
Restore Data Using a Recovery Database

- Rancy
You wouldn't mess up the production box. all you need to do are the following steps

=> Create a recover storage group using the first link Rancy gave
=> Add your mailbox store to it - the one whoz backup will be restored
=> Using backup tool - start restore HOWEVER, do not select the option to automatically replay logs AND mount database
=> You'll need to specify a temp folder for restore of logs
=> Once restore is complete, verify the database are in-place and its size is what you expected it to be.
=> Next, take a backup of the temp folder where you'll find restore.env and .log files
=> Open command prompt and go down to BIN Folder, ideally it should be at
C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange\v14\Bin>
=> You'll need to run the following cmdlet
Eseutil /cc "Path of Temp Folder - keeping in mind that logs and restore.env is within this folder"
=> log replay should start and you'll see Event id 301 appearing in application log
=> Once it completes successfully, go ahead and mount your stores
=> Your work doesnt complete here, you'll need to export the data from a 32-bit machine
Follow the link to learn how to restore and export using shell.

Voila and you've learnt how to restore and export mailbox to PST !!!

class dismissed.

MASEE Solution Guide - Technical Dept Head
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