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Converting Excel 2010 / 2007 to Excel 2003

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Last Modified: 2012-09-01
I have an Excel 2007/2010 reader on my Win XP SP3 laptop
but very often when I click on "Open for Editing" those .xlsx
attachments I received from people who email to me, I got
"too many formulas/objects" & the resultant/converted
Excel 2003 is badly distorted.  Only a few .xlsx files with
simple contents don't have issues when I click "Open for

Is there any free converter out there that could convert
an Excel 2010/2007 to 2003?  I don't want to install Excel
2010/2007 on my laptop
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Have you installed the compatibility pack for office 2003 from microsofts website?



Yes, I already have this compatibility pack & that enables me
to read & "Open for Editing" the .xlsx files but some of the
more complex .xlsx files I've received are not converted
properly.  So I'm looking for something better (without
getting a copy of MS Office 2010 on my laptop)


Even if I used Excel 2010 to open this file & "Save As"
MS 2003 .xls file, it also gave "Too many cell formats"
error, the same error that the Compatibility Pack gave
when I selec "Open for Editing".

I'm now borrowing another laptop that has Office 2010
to edit this file in its original Excel 2010 format.

Any other idea?
How about Open Office?

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Also, if you don't like 2007/2010 on your laptop because you're not ready to "migrate" yet, just know that they can co-exist (2003 and 2007 or 2010). Just make sure to not install two version of Outlook. The rest of the applications work, I have 2003 and 2010 on my computer.

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