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cs 5.5 menu bar overlapping a frame

I'm a newcomer to dreamweaver.  I am trying to insert a vertical spry menu bar in the left frame of an existing web site.  I'm able to do this, but the sub-menus get cut off by the main frame border.  Is there a way to have it overlap the other frame?

The reason I am using frames is because I want a navigation area on the site that I can change in one place if I need to add or change links, without going to every page and changing it.  If any of you have input/ideas as to if there's a better way to skin a cat here I'd appreciate that too.

Thanks, Experts.
1 Solution
you can use a div as that allows overlapping

have you got a url?
Certainly a better way in my opinion would be a simple div and a php include statement. Without code or a link, it will be difficult to troubleshoot your problem.
Nero83Author Commented:
Well, it's an intranet.  I won't be at work until Monday when I will upload it.  Thanks!
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Nero83Author Commented:
I checked this other.  Didn't see how it related to frames specifically unless related to absolute.  Thanks.  I don't know much about html - novice using wysiwyg mostly...willing to apply it as needed though.
Nero83Author Commented:
Attached is a cut down version that shows the issue - doesn't seem to work though because it is missing folders containing file lists etc.  FYI, originally built using Word after which I replaced the left frame with the spry menu functions.  I included a screen print of the problem.
Nero83Author Commented:
I've been looking around and everything I have read says this is impossible.

So, it looks like I should lose the frames or go without spry, unless any of you can come up with something.

Another question:  is there a way to set up a spry menu bar and make it so that you can change it once and the changes will cascade through the whole site?  I have a lot of pages and the navigation content changes frequently, so I can't imagine making all the changes to every page the menu bar is on...

I'm a novice and have little/no experience with CSS...is this what the style sheets are for, or what templates can solve.
Nero83Author Commented:
This question can close.  I'm going to ditch my frames and use a template so that changes in my navigation will go across to the rest of the site...once I figure out how.
Turn your navigation into a Library Item. Dreamweaver allows you to do this so you can insert it on any page in your site and update from one location
Nero83Author Commented:
What I wanted to do can't be done I have found out through other sources.  I don't think any of the responses I received addressed my question - could have been the submittal.

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