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Exchange 2003 Server not responding

Axis52401 asked
When the users get in in the morning Outlook doesn't respond. If I reboot the server or just restart the Information store service it works throughout the day but the problem seems to reoccur roughly every day. The only errors I see in the event log are Event ID 3005 but it seems to happen over and over till I reboot and then its fine. I think I remember reading about this problem for someone else where the mobile devices soem how stall the server if it doesn't respond quick enough and there was something you could do like a registry change to resolve it but I can't find that solution or know what it was called. has anyone seen this?

Unexpected Exchange mailbox Server error: Server: [servername.domainname.local] User: [useremail@company.com] HTTP status code: [503]. Verify that the Exchange mailbox Server is working correctly.
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Top Expert 2012

What size is your Exchange mailbox?
The default size for 2003 Standard is 18GB - have you reached this limit?

If so the store will stop working, reboot will make it work for a while again, but it will continue to shutdown

See this post for how to increase to 75GB limit
Top Expert 2012

By Exchange mailbox I meant Exchange database sorry...

On server go into C;\Program Files\Exchsvr\MDBDATA folder - what size is priv.edb and pub.edb?
Axis52401Security Analyst


Yea, that could be it, I though we did the registry change to raise it to 75 http://support.microsoft.com/kb/912375

when we set it up but I don't see the entry and we are at 19G now. I jut made the change and we'll have to see if the problem is gone on Monday. Though I think I remember a different error when its the size limit problem not an active sync error. oh well I'll update on Monday if the problem is gone, thanks
Top Expert 2012
Well if the reg entry wasn't there it will cause the issue...so yes see how it works out...

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