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Help Picking out IP Cameras

I’ve been asked to look into getting a security camera solution for our facility. We’re needing six cameras with recording ability, with two of those being outside. I imagine IP cameras will be the best solution, and we do have quite a few open POE ports open on the switches for them. I imagine we could probably just have the data feeds save to one of our data servers. This is for a healthcare environment, so security must come first if that helps narrow it down.

Any idea's what might to the trick?

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We use Axis network cameras at several facilities and a retail store.  They have a lot of features and work well on a server os or workstation.  Axis sells software for recording and they have a 10 license package.

The camera interface is intuitive and easy to modify and adjust to suit your needs.

Axis Cameras

Depending on your recording needs, The M11 series cameras can be installed in an enclosure and used outside.  It really depends on your budget though since these cameras can be pricey $300 or more a piece but so worth it if you want high quality video.

We tried the costco camera package route and the quality and features was terrible.
wyliecoyoteukIT director
IP cameras can transmit in various modes, viewing can be done in a web browser or via software.
Some of the software that comes with the cameras is dire, some is very good.
Lens and sensor quality is more important than resolution. You also need to consider depth of field and angle of view.
The size of the lens and the sensor control what area will be covered.
You can also have pan, tilt, zoom (PTZ) cameras, and some of these can be programmed to "patrol" a fixed route. this site has some good articles and a bandwidth calculator.

as does this one:
If you want motion detection, be aware that that can need quite a bit of Processing power.
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I've purchased systems from www.apexcctv.com and am satisfied with them.  If you want to record from more than one IP camera, you may need a special DVR card, because typical ones only support one - the more expensiv ones support multiple IP cams.

I recommed Axis and ArecontVision IP cameras, but don't recommend PTZ cameras since they are expensive, are prone to breaking down because they have a lot of moving parts, and the same job can be done using a high resolution fixed IP camera with a wide angle lens.  Motion detection is easily accomplished by the capture cards themselves, offloading the work from the cpu.
wyliecoyoteukIT director

There are 2 different types of "IPcam", standalone and those that require a DVR card.
Which were you considering?

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