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56k Modem No Dial tone on any modem

gpsocs asked
I have a dell desktop windows 7 that I thought the external 56k modem went bad. Replaced it still the same issue no dial tone.  I installed an internal as well and still the same issue. I get the no dial tone error. So I googled and found no option that worked.. uninstall and reinstall.  Any ideas?
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I assume you have a proper driver for this modem? Windows 7 driver? Is it a PCI modem? Or serial?
you sure the phone line (wire) and phone jack are working properly?

Do you have a handset that you can plugin to the phone jack?
If a standard telephone works OK when plugged into the socket, I would suspect the lead between the socket and the modem. In theory they should be standard, but in practice they often aren't. To be on the sfae side, always use the lead that comes with the modem.

Of course, this assumes that Windows 7 is the OS that the computer came with... if the modem stopped working after upgrading to Windows 7, it's a dollar to a doughnut that your particular modem doesn't have Windows 7 driver support.
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from a terminal program try the following:
1st set your com port and speed appropriately
Type the folliowing AT commands in your terminal
ATV3   -- set speaker volume to high
ATE1    -- echo commands typed
ATM1   -- speaker on until connect
ATH       -- hangs up
you should hear the dial tone..
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