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Outlook spelling issue

I have a user who is having issues with outlook spelling.  It seems as though, the spell check turns on at certain times and not others.  I ran a detect and repair but the issue continues.

This is on a Windows XP sp3 running Office Professional Plus 2010.
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Are you referring to spell check not working as-you-type or not checking spelling before sending?


checking spelling before sending
Another clarification... Are you saying that you've confirmed that the check before sending option actually gets toggled on/off - or just that sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't?

Does the user have a signature block on their emails? A common/known reason for spell check seeming to fail is that a user starts typing their message within the signature block, which doesn't get spell-checked. Just a thought.



Sorry for the delay...just to confirm, spell check sometimes works and other times it does not.  I've ran a second detect and repair, but still no luck.  I've also checked that it does not fall within the signature block as well.

Any thoughts?
Okay, let me rephrase... Have you verified that the "Always check spelling before sending" option remains checked?Always check spelling before sending
So when you click the Send button, you're expecting the Spelling dialog box to pop up (assuming that spelling errors actually exist), but it doesn't do so consistently, right?

What about the "check spelling as you type" option? Is that working correctly?check spelling as you type


I've checked both settings and they seem to be checked.
Great, but is the "check spelling as you type" feature actually working even when the "check before sending" option isn't?

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