batch file to ping multiple servers

I have a flat file with a list of server names and I need to create a batch file to read from the text file and ping each server. Can anyone help?
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xDUCKxConnect With a Mentor Commented:
FOR EACH %%i IN <TextFile> DO
ping %%i >> C:\Outputfile.txt

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for unix / linux try

for server in `cat servers.txt`
   echo ---------- $server --------->> mylog
   ping -c 4 $server >> mylog 2>&1
YZlatAuthor Commented:
what about Windows?
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YZlatAuthor Commented:
I created a batch file with the following content:

FOR EACH %%i IN C:\inputfile.txt DO
ping %%i >> C:\Outputfile.txt

when I runit, it does not create C:\Outputfile.txt
YZlatAuthor Commented:
this worked for me:

FOR /F %%i IN (C:\inputfile.txt) DO ping %%i >> C:\Outputfile.txt 

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but when I tried

FOR /F %%i IN (%1) DO ping %%i >> C:\Outputfile.txt 

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I got the following in my Outputfile.txt:

Ping request could not find host C:\inputfile.txt. Please check the name and try again.
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