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I have a form (frmProviders) that reads the record source "providers".

In that table there is a lookup to another table "states".  when creating a new record in Providers I allow a lookup to the states table ,so the user doesnt have to type in the two digit state abbr each time.  

On the form (frmproviders) i want tobe able to filter all the records to only display a certain state. When i use a combo box "and select find records on form" the value the box is displaying the two digit Code associated with the state and not the two character abbrreviation (ie.  Al).

What am I dont wrong?
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Look at this sample
You can create this combobox with master and in this case you will see how to set visible proper field from table. You can, of course, go to combo box properties, open Format tab and set column count to 2 and  Column width of fields to 0,1
Richard DanekeTrainerCommented:
When you use a combo box to simplify data entry, you are complicating filters.

The combo box is matching a code to bring in the state abbreviation.   Although the combo box shows the state abbreviation, the data being stored in the code used to search the 'states' table.

As als315 referenced, this is due to the lookup table properties showing the second column of the combo box data.  Column Couont:2 and ColumnWidth:"0; 1".  
If you set your filter combo box properties to match the data entry properties, you should be okay.
seamus9909Author Commented:
When I do as instructed and set the Column Count to 2 and the width to 0,1.  I still only see the State Code and not the abbreviation.
May be you are selecting only State code in record source query? You should have 2 columns there (Code and Name).
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