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View VHS tapes on Digital TV

Kurvenal asked
My brother has a number of VHS tapes that he would like to view on his Sony Internet TV (Model NSX-40GT1).  He has a Sharp VC-A560 VHS player.  Questions:

Is there a way to connect the VHS player to play back on this digital TV?  The TV has HDMI and component video input ports as well as a satellite coaxial input, and the VHS player has white/yellow video output and coaxial output ports.

If it is not possible to connect the VHS player to the TV, can people recommend a cheap and reliable VHS to DVD converter that will do the trick?

Many thanks.
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The TV's coax isn't just satellite only.  It's a coax input for anything.  You can connect vcr to that input.  The VCR should have two coax connections.  An input and an output.

Wall----->VCR--->TV.     ------> = Coax Cable

Then just put the tv on whatever channel the vcr is set to play on.
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Other post is better


I tried to do that, but when I played back a tape on the VHS and then used the search feature on the tuner to search for channels, it could not find the VHS at all.  Not sure why, and not sure what the channel should be.
There is usually a little switch on the back of the vcr with only two options (usually 3 and 4).
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There's a disconnect between what the specifications say and the actual inputs shown on the input block.

The specs indicate there is a composite video input and analog audio input => IF that is the case, then simply connect the yellow video output of the VHS player to the composite video input, and the audio outputs (red & white) to the analog audio inputs (also red & white).

Here's the list of inputs from the specifications:
 Input list per specs
I presume, however, that this is not the case -- otherwise you'd not likely be asking this question.

This is what the actual back panel looks like:
Input panel on rear
Note the "cable/antenna" input.    You simply need to connect the VHS player's "TV Out" to this input and you should then see the VHS tapes on channel 3 if you set the TV to the cable input.    [Note the "3/4" switch referred to above simply changes the output channel from 3 to 4]

On the TV itself,the remote should allow you to choose the input which should include composite.

A menu should let you choose between HDMI 1,HDMI 2 ,etc.


Good response, but could still not get it to work.

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