Windows, Windows 7

I remoted Desktoped into my Windows 7 client

I want to reboot the machine

If I goto the start button, I can only find a Log out button, with options to disconnect or lock

I do not see an option to power down or restart

Is there a keystroke to restart the machine

Is there a keystroke to power down the machine
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Open a command prompt and type the following command to immediately restart the computer:

shutdown /r /t 0

If you want to immediately shut down the machine, type:

shutdown /s /t 0
Did you log in as the Administrator of the machine?  By Default, only Administrators and Backup Operators are allowed to shut down the computer.  If you need to allow someone with lesser rights to shut down the machine, you will need to either modify the local policy or a GPO:

Security Settings -> User Rights Assignments -> Shut Down the System
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