QuickBooks 2012 for Mac emailing statements

I have a client with a Mac 21" with OS 10.6 and Entourage 2008 setup (meeting all minimum requirements).  We upgraded their Quickbooks to 2012 and need to email statements.
When we: Customers > Create Statements > Email
Nothing happens.

We can email invoices in Entourage successfully but not statements

Any suggestions?
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PAMurilloConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I isolated the issue to the live QuickBooks file.

The solution was; I created a new QB file, exported all the elements (client list, vendor list, item list, etc) to it and the new QB file worked great.
Can you confirm all your preferences are configured correctly? Does it work from Word?
PAMurilloAuthor Commented:
If there are any preferences, please review where I can verify them.

We can create and send invoices as PDFs within OuickBooks but not statements.
PAMurilloAuthor Commented:
This was the correct solution
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