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IP address keeps changing to vmotion IP after applying host profile in esxi5

sysprof asked
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Last Modified: 2012-08-30
Hi I have configured a new esxi5 host on a dl 580g7 server. I have 2 NICs dedicated for VM(s), DMZ, NFS each and have combined Mgmt Interface with vMotion with 2 NICs. I've also saved this server's settings as a host profile. When i apply this host profile to another server with exactly same hardware and software spec It changes Mgmt IP to the one assigned to vMotion and i lose this server.

When i logon to server through iLO i can see that Mgmt IP has now changed to vMotion IP address.

Could someone advice how can i make sure that mgmt Interface gets precedence over vMotion Interface?
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Use DHCP settings for Management Network IP Address and vMotion Portgroup interface.

Assign Reservations and MAC address on DHCP server.


Thanks I can't assign IP address to my vMotion coz there's no clan for it I only picked up a range myself for vMotion To get around I can get a vlan created though
What could be theoretical explanation of this difference? ie why mgmt interface will get precedence over vmotion one

In our current 4.1 installation theres no dhcp scope or reservation for mgmt ip and vmotion but host profile are working Is there any other work around?

Many thanks


Hanccocka A gentle reminder to please respond to my query above


I have made little progress As per VMware recommendation I edited my host profile and added Port group for vmotion and removed existing vmotion port group Now it doesn't switch my interfaces when I apply host profile However my esx host still goes non responding and I need to remove and re add it to inventory to make it work Any ideas why

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