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Attaching esxi4.1 host to vCenter5

sysprof asked
Hi I have recently configured a new vSphere5 environment comprising of 3 DL580 G7 servers with 256GB RAM each and a vCenter5.0 server. I need to now migrate around 60 of my VM(s) from existing 4.1 based vMware cluster with vCenter4.1 that have NFS based storage.

Im thinking to simply detach 1 esxi4.1 host at a time from existing vCenter4.1 server and attach to new vCenter5 and migrate all vm (s) to new esxi5 host

I was told earlier by one of the experts that its possible but i have been told that vCenter4.1 will lock esxi4.1 host and i cant detach 4.1 host from vCenter 4.1 and attach to vCenter5.0. I will have to instead REMOVE it from vCenter4.1 and then add to vCenter5.0. Obviously we cant remove without entering Maintenance mode and therefore i will not be able to migrate vm(s) across

Could someone re-confirm that a detach and attach process will work between 4.1 & 5.0 vCenters? and i dont need to worry about locking
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VMware and Virtualization Consultant
Expert of the Year 2017
Yes, this will work

Use Disconnect, to disconnect the 4.1 hosts, Add to vCenter 5.0, move the VMs.

Then Remove from 5.0, connect back to 4.1 vCenter if required.
piyushranusriSystem Cloud Specialist
Top Expert 2012
agree..it will work..

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