Alternate File Share Witness in Exchange 2010


We are running Exchange 2010 SP2.  We have two Data Centers - London and Paris.

At the moment, the FSW is listed in London.

I understand it's possible to configure an Alternative FSW...but I can't see much documentation on how this works? Will this come into place if the original FSW is down, automatically?
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To answer you first question, the alternate witness will not come into action automatically, its only effective when Datacenter Activation Mode is enabled on the DAG and you manually switch datacenters using the Restore-DatabaseAvailabilityGroup Powershell comnmand.

So I think you possibly need to read up on Datacenter Activation Mode.  Normally I would post more info here but I think you would be best first reading up on this yourself and asking again about what you don't understand. The "Official" Microsoft documentation is here:-

There are some Microsoft blogs on this are here:-

and there is some discussion on this forum here:-

Hope this sorts you out but please ask again if there is anything in those blogs you don't understand,
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