SAN - IBM DS4700

Can someone assist me with this problem. The storage enclosure keeps on rebooting and the HDDs seem to be on continuous bypass. Is there any way around this or is there any way i can manually access the HDDs?
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Gerald ConnollyCommented:
What happened before or at the point that the system started continually rebooting?

Have you tried powering off the enclosure and reseating all the modules in the controller enclosure - 4 modules from what i remember (2 * controller, 2 * PSU)
itc_sysadminAuthor Commented:
Thanks madunix. Yes we have tried your suggestion but we still having the same problem. The scenario was a physical move of our SAN to a new physical location. It was working fine in the original location but not in the new one. We have ruled out power irregularities as the source of the problem.
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