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INCLUDETEXT in mail merge doc's?

mlagrange asked
Hello - I've used INCLUDETEXT in a mail merge situation before, when the included doc's were just straight text, and it worked great.

But now I have a situation where the included doc's have mail merge fields themselves, and they are not getting updated. I did the Control/A, F9 thing, but still no luck.

The main and included doc's are all in the same folder on the network, and all use the same datasource. This is an Access-to-Word mail merge, using Office 2003.

Should this work?

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Top Expert 2012

I can get it to work in Word 2007. My experiments with 2003 produce 'Error! Not a valid filename', but that system is suspect, so I'll try another.
Top Expert 2012
Tried it under 2003 on another system, and it works OK there.


Ok, it gets more & more stranger...

I'm using an INCLUDEPICTURE merge field to bring in signature jpg's in the main document. The jpg file names are the employee ID's, that get carried along in the mail merge datasource:
{INCLUDEPICTURE "T://RPA//Sigs//{MERGEFIELD "ConsultantID"}.jpg" \d}

To get them to display correctly in the mail merge result doc, I have to do the Control/A, F9 thing. That (still) works fine.

Here is the yik yak for the INCLUDETEXT:

{INCLUDETEXT "T:\\RPA\\Docs\\Fee Disclosure 2 408a5 {MERGEFIELD "InputText}.doc" \* MERGEFORMAT}

"InputText" is a field in the datasource that indicates which of the 4 versions of the included doc get pulled in by the INCLUDETEXT.

When I first merge the document, everything seems to be working as far as the INCLUDETEXT goes, but when I do the Control/A F9 to get the signature jpg's to update, the mail merge fields in the included doc's display as un-merged ("<< MyMergeField>>")

To make matters worse, the included doc's lose most formatting like justification and tab spacing. I put the doc name in the headers of the invcluded doc's so I can see if I'm pulling in the right version, and that doesn't show either.


ok, I wound up abandoning the INCLUDETEXT approach, at least when including doc's with mail merge fields. It's just too flaky.

Thanks for your response, Graham.