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Windows 2008 Terminal server

apollo-13 asked
3 moths ago I installed one Teminal server (TSE1=windows 2008 )and works very good.
also i instaled my 30 Terminal server license on this Terminal server.

NOW! i need to install one more New Terminal Server(TSE2= windows 2008) .

q1:How can i use my 30 Terminal server License for both terminal server.
I mean TSE1= 15 license
             TSE2=15 license
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1. make one of them become "TS licensing server"
2. set "licensing server " in "TS Session Host Configuration" on both server

that is the way I did in windows server 2008 & 2008 R2
Brad BouchardInformation Systems Security Officer
And you don't actually have to split them 15 by 15 if you are licensed with your CALs per user.  You only need as many CALs as you have users connecting to Server 2008 on your network.  If your CALs are per device, then you will need 30 for each server if all 30 people can/will connect to the server.

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