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examples of cross application of statistical models in different industries


I am looking for presentation or applications of multiple application of statistical models. for example

the cox regression model which is used to figure out the death rate of patients is now being utilized to do customer churn analysis by phone and retail companies

are there any other of these examples
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I'm no expert in the area of statistics, but I did some work a few jobs ago related to statistical analysis, so this is an intriguing question.  

Are you trying to find examples of how specifically the Cox model is used other than death rates?  Or more generally, are you trying to find examples where typical statistical model/method usages are applied in non-traditional ways?

If it is the former, one example would be how changing the material from which a manufactured component is constructed would cause it's failure (4th sentence in a Wikipedia article.)  If the latter, I'm not sure how to distinguish any statistical model "is now being utilized" for anything without reference dates of inception and usage dates for application of the concept(s).

Other than that, my friend Google could be helpful.  I searched for "application of statistical models" and it came up with 85k+ hit and many look related, but you'd have to clarify what you're looking for.
The random walk process is used by gaseous diffusion  plants and for traffic engineering purposes.

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