Domain unify

Dear all,
One of our customers needs to unify 2 domains to be 1 domain.
Current situation:
Exchange 2007 sp3
1 external domain
1 local domain
Both are pointing to same exchange server.
Our customer need to delete and stop the internal domain completely and keep the external domain.

my question is : what is the prototype procedures and best practices to do so.
Any documents for step by step guide?
what the expected downtime?
How to change the contact list where to force user to use external domain instead of local domain?
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Are the domains physically different with different domain controllers?
Or is it just naming?

If it's split where do the users logon and store data how many sites / subnets / DHCP etc
ethar1Author Commented:
one of them ( the internal ) used as name controller.
both domain are pointing to same server and use same resources , users can login either internaal or external.

Just one site.
So it's just the naming convention on exchange and the logon username...
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ethar1Author Commented:
so waht?
so it's not a merge but a domain rename.

depending on your domain level there's different ways of doing it..

but it really doesn't make a lot of sense of doing it if there is not a strong reason for it.
ethar1Author Commented:
wot do u means by domain level ?
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